Become a Member

Our meetings are free and open to the public, but if you decide to become a member you do get a few perks! In addition to your dues going towards the continued conservation and education of carnivorous plants around the world, members also receive the following:

  • California Carnivores 10% Online Single Use Coupon
  • Receive a discount on BACPS gear!
  • Access to the BACPS Library (Updates to come in 2023)
  • 1 free sticker annually

At the Meetings:

  • 1 free raffle ticket upon entry

  • Member Sales Table

  • Full voting rights for club officers and only paid members can run for positions within the BACPS.

At the Show and Sale

  • 1st access to the club sales table

  • Discounted fee for a hobby-growers table

  • 5 free Raffle Ticket on entry

Membership dues are $12 for a full calendar year. If paying online, a small charge has been added to membership dues to cover PayPal service fees. Memberships are also payable in cash or Venmo at any of our meetings.