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BACPS Plant Talks: Searching for Sundews in Madagascar with Alex Dietrick

Join the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society for another sundew filled Saturday at the Randall Museum on April 29.
Alex Dietrick will share photos of sundews and other carnivorous plants from a recent trip to Madagascar. In support of a book on Drosera in Africa, Alex visited Madagascar to find the two rarely observed endemics, Drosera humbertii & Drosera arachnoides. He’ll also give us a peek at a third, undescribed Drosera from the island, as well as some new Utricularia.
Alex’s talk begins at 2pm, and afterwards he’ll have several rare and obscure location specific African Drosera species for sale. Follow our Instagram @bacps_ or join BACPS Group on Facebook for a teaser of his plants for sale!
You can find Alex on Instagram at @insearchofspecies.

Want to sell or trade plants at the meeting?

Space is limited! Please email us at president@bacps.org to reserve a table

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