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It’s our favorite time of year!! Join the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society for a day of wicked cool plants. The event is FREE and open to the public.

We’re bringing you some of the biggest, best, most talented, unique, (feel free to add 5 – 10 more words here) carnivorous plant nurseries and hobbyist growers on the planet! 

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Members: Bring your beautiful plants for the show, and win great prizes! 
Bring as many display specimens as possible to show! Prizes include highly coveted ribbons and gift certificates from some of your favorite vendors.

Fun for Families! 
This free event is great for kids of all ages! See some of the most beautiful and bizarre plants from around the world, grown perfectly and all in one place! This unique collection of hungry plants fascinates and engages our young ones; their imaginations go into overdrive and many wish to learn more about their world! We have many kids attending our meetings so feel free to bring them to those too.

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