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BACPS Plant Talks: Trekking for Nepenthes in Borneo and Palawan with Gianne Souza

Join the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society (BACPS) for a dose of adventure and Nepenthes on Saturday September 16 at the Randall Museum. (And yes, Gianne and their crew did find a few other carnivorous plants as well!)

Gianne Souza will share photos and tales of adventure from their recent trip to the Borneo Rainforest and Palawan Island in search of Nepenthes. This Redfern Adventures expedition was led by naturalist Stewart McPherson and made possible with local guides Tham Yau Kong in Malaysia and Jehson Cervancia in the Philippines.

Gianne’s talk begins at 2pm, and afterwards they will have several Nepenthes species and hybrids for sale. For auction will be a well-established rooted cutting of the rare Leilani Nepenthes, Princess Mashed Potatoes, and also a large fresh top cutting of the famous Victorian hybrid x Dyeriana.

Follow our Instagram @bacps_ or join BACPS Group on Facebook for a teaser of their plants for sale!

You can find Gianne on Instagram at @NepenthesDiary and at their website NepenthesDiary.com.

Want to sell or trade plants at the meeting?

Space is limited! Please email us at president@bacps.org to reserve a table

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